2018 Symposium AGM

Minutes of the SGSANZ – 17 November 2018


Venue: Best Western Hotel, Hobart, Tasmania, Australia

Meeting Commenced: 8.45am

Members Present: Keith Holden (President), Mike Brandon (Vice Pres),

John Holmes (Sec), Greg Purdy, Steven Newcombe, Grant Franklin,

Chris Tomkins, Peter Henry, Trevor Gordon, Grahame Wolfe, Ann Ryan,

Mark Chandler, Marcia Chandler, Jarrad Wright, Kent Carruthers,

Guests: Terri Adams (BSSG), David Bell (Schott), Michael Leeder, Pat Holden, Peter Rotner (Germany), Ingo Schmerda (Germany), Sandi Gordon.

  1. Apologies: Alistair Mead, John & Hilary Penno, Mike Wadsworth.
  2. Previous minutes:

2016 – Hamilton, NZ. Minutes were read and discussion invited.

  1. Business arising from minutes:
  2. Journal Editor Jo Wu, was not active.
  3. Website is up and running well
  4. Facebook Page administered by Alistair Mead is functioning well.

Proposed Accept: C. Tomkins 2nd: G. Purdy – Passed

  1. President’s Report: Keith Holden. As tabled sheet.

Proposed Accept: M. Brandon 2nd: C. Tomkins – Passed.

  1. Treasurer’s Report: As Treasurer Hilary Penno was not at the meeting, the report was presented by John Holmes and Patricia Holden.

Proposal to thank P. Holden for helping Treasurer through the period.

Proposed: S. Newcombe 2nd: M. Brandon – Passed.

Much discussion on the value of two accounts – one in Aust & NZ., not resolved.

Proposed Accept: G. Purdy 2nd: C. Tomkins – passed

  1. Symposium Organiser report: John Holmes reported that we had 18

Paying Attendees internationally, and one overseas guest – Terri Adams

(BSSG – Oxford University). Glass gifts were given to speakers, also to Keynote speaker – T. Adams. Symposium packages (Satchels, Polo shirts, Caps and gifts) were distributed to all attendees.

Keynote speaker travel assistance was funded out of the SGSANZ account.

Keith Holden was awarded a “Lifetime achievement” award and gift. The Symposium was voted a success.

  1. President thank you: Keith Holden commented on the success of the website and Facebook site, with thanks to both administrators.
  2. Change of procedure: The President asked if the question of the continuation of the Society could be dealt with first, before Business Arising, as it would impact on the election of Officers.
  3. Society Continuation: After much discussion, the motion was put to continue the Society. Proposed: Holmes 2nd: K. Holden – Passed by majority vote 13/2.
  4. Election of Officers:

President: Mike Brandon (P: J. Holmes 2nd: K. Holden)

Secretary: Jarrad Wright (Volunteered 2nd: G. Wolfe)

Treasurer: Trevor Gordon/Sandi Gordon* (P: K. Holden 2nd: J. Holmes)

  • Note: Sandi will be the actual Treasurer as she is a Registered Bookkeeper.
  1. Business Arising:

Item 1: It was decided to have ONE account only for the SGSANZ with a PayPal facility if possible.

Proposal: Treasurer’s signature on account with an electronic authorisation by the President at payment. – J. Holmes 2nd: G. Purdy passed.

Executive to survey where account would be held.

Item 2: Trevor Gordon to look into the Constitution and Society Rules with a view to improving and codifying them. Proposed: K. Holden 2nd: J. Holmes – passed.

The New President Mike Brandon, thanked the retiring committee and all members present, then closed the meeting at 10.50am.


Signed as an accurate account of the meeting:

John M. Holmes, Secretary.